Calm Times Ahead..

My favorite time of year: Fall. I love everything about it. Even the few sneezes it brings on. I especially love living in Pennsylvania this time of year. It is simply beautiful!

This is a tree in our front yard. Yes we live on a hill.. It’s Pennsylvania. This tree is hollow and I can get inside of it. It is the most beautiful tree!

This was taken outside of Kenny’s office. Gorgeous!!!

Soccer is over. We have stopped the little girls in dance for another year. Chloe is working and we do miss her dearly. School routine is setting in. Calm times… Just the way I like it. Which means I will be taking more pictures. My large family meal planning did not please my oldest brother, so I am whipping something out here for him.:)

A little light reading. Below, Avah is holding Chloe’s apologia biology book from last year. She was extremely fascinated with it.

Lots of youth rallies for my oldest two kids.:)

Cute. Cute.cute.

A little time for some Pinterest crafting…
Just the fact that I am wanting to decorate it be crafty is awesome. For two years, I could not even concentrate on the house at all.
These two crafty deco things I made are not my style.. Not my thing at all. However, I have always done what I was raised with or seen in other houses where I grew up, and let it influence my decorating. Well, I have realized I am not sure I really like that style. So I decided to change things up a bit and made the projects below.

I love this ‘R’. Love everything about this project.

However, this i am not sure about. It is just not how i have ever decorated. BUT i am sick of country or antique or rustic or whatever you want to call it. I liked this. So i painted it and put it up.

More pictures of the kids coming soon! I promise!!

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