Crazy busy…

Zero time for blogging and taking pictures.
I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel… After this week of 3 soccer games, coop, 3 doctor appointments, 4 days of work for Chloe, 4 days of school, 2 kids volunteering for moppet duty, Angry Bird Proverb game night… I think I can I think I can….

Mia being her adorable self and rocking some tot school.

Paul and Camye have become craft crazy… Making all sorts of spooky Halloween decorations. They don’t think I decorate enough for Halloween.

Chloe started working!!! Be still my heart. My baby girl is growing up. She is so mature and responsible. Ahhh… In all of the many mistakes I have made in my life.. She proves I can do one thing right … I can raise a daughter who loves God, respects herself and is an awesome young lady.

Avah’s self portrait.;)

Life is about to slow down. I have so many things to be thankful for… So Soo Soo many!!! Camye is healing wonderfully. Praise God! Avahs MRI results came back awesome. Praise God! Mia’s infectious disease results came back… Nothing wrong! Fevers are just fevers and nothing more. Praise God! Still waiting to hear about Mia’s sleep study results but do expect tonsil/adnoids to come out later this month or next. Camye is having her cast taken off, pins out, X-rays and new cast on Thursday. And then I think… I think… We are done with doctors for awhile anyway! Praise God!

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