~Homeschooling and Keeping my House in Order~

We’ve been in the homeschool mentality for over 11 years. God put homeschooling in my heart back when I was in middle school.  I begged for my mom to homeschool me and I knew that I
was made to homeschool our children.

I love getting up early, doing devotions, making a homemade breakfast, writing lesson plans, having a school room with all sorts of resources, chalkboards, dry erase boards….Poetic…isn’t it. Many days it could be called poetic…many days could be called disaster. None of us want to be the mom in her pajamas at 3pm..needing a shower and fixing corn dogs for lunch..

 I’m that mom….sometimes.

Keeping your Sanity….while Homeschooling…

  1. Take it one child at a time/one subject at at time.

  2. Make a list. I love my lists. I have daily lists, weekly lists, lists for the children and lists for my hubby. The kids used to hate it when I gave them a list but now they are thankful for one. In fact, they ask me for one. I have alot of daily expectations for my kids. They accomplish so much more when they know exactly what is expected.

  3. Keep a calender….write it all down. I do so in different colored pens. I also keep two calenders. One on the fridge for the kids and my awesome husband to see and I also carry one for me to use and update daily.

  4. Comparing Don’t even do it. It won’t work. Don’t even compare your child to another one of your children. God made us all so different and let me tell you….homeschooling your children will let you see that.

  5. Change it up. Go one a field trip, watch National Geographic, go on a hike or plan a nature treasure hunt!!! If you are in a rut..change it up!
  6. Remember what is really important: So many times I get caught up on who is reading on what level or what Math is being done or checking off my list. I need to stop and remember who gave me the blessing of homeschooling. HE did…stop and remember. Jesus is what is 
    really important.  

    Keeping house while homeschooling…

    1. MEAL PLAN….I can’t stress this one enough. Crock pot, Rice Cooker, Kitchen Aid Mixer, Ninja Blender, Large Stock pot…whatever it takes..get it and use it!!!

    2. Jurisdictions…give your child a room. The living room…the foyer…whatever it may be…and make it their responsibility to keep that room clean. A 10 minute clean up is an easy fix. Be consistent and they will do it. They are never too young to clean up after themselves.

    3.Laundry– My laundry is done about every 3-4 days. I wash, fold, iron and hang up. The kids put away and hang up all their own clothes. This also helps with the amount of laundry they dirty if they realize that they are going to be putting it away.

    4. Declutter– Throw it away….if it is trash…GET IT OUT OF THE WAY. I am sorry but if a shirt is stained I do not donate it to Goodwill…I throw it away. Papers…mail..throw it out. I never set my mail down on my table unless I am keeping it. I throw it away….I do not read junk mail. TRASH!!

    5.. Best for last…make time for GOD. I have trouble focusing and reading my bible however, I love to write and rewrite scripture that pertains to what is going on my life at that time

    It’s not easy. You won’t get it right every single day. But, if your heart is to be a homemaker who glorifies God with her home AND her homeschooling, God will honor your efforts and lead you in that path.

2 thoughts on “~Homeschooling and Keeping my House in Order~

  1. Love this blog post! I have struggled so much lately, with keeping it all together. So this week we are having a "get it back together" week. Re-doing chore charts, going over menu plans, talking about jurisdictions and what I expect. I an approximately 6 months (hopefully less) we will be adding 2 more and I want to have a good, consistent routine down before then! Thanks for the reminder…it's all about HIM!!

  2. Wendi…your last comment really just lifted a bit of guilt off of my shoulders….I have felt guilty for not homeschooling my kids…or being a great homemaker. But…that is not my heart or the best way I am led to glorify God!! I am a "healer" of sorts. I love being an Emt. ..and paramedic soon. I believe that was the path I'm was chosen for. My service to Him is in helping others on what could very well be the worst day of their lives. My life has come in seasons..from strictly a stay at home mom to back in school and working call shifts..thankfully from home….as an emt!!! I am soo blessed to have this job!! And my kids have a more spiritually, mentally, and physically healthy mom!! Thank u for helping me see that!!!

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