First day of Co-op

We have been with our awesome
Co-op for 7 years. It is incredible!
Here is our first day photos!

My baby girl is a junior!!!!!

My baby boy is in the 8th grade and was voted president of his class today!! Go Blake!!

My beautiful Camye girl is in the 6th grade and was voted vice president in her class!!

My big 2nd grader!!!! Loving his dimples!!

My adorable K4er!!!!

My gorgeous little almost k4er. She got to start K4 because well.. She is just so smart!


Sweet sister hugs!

Loving all 6 of my babies!!!

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One thought on “First day of Co-op

  1. WOW! Mia and Avah are in the same class? lol! I can only imagine how much work they get done. 😉 😉 DARLING! I love the outfits, too! Blake looks so handsome!

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