Back to the hospital..

Someone said to me yesterday,” Wow Wendi your kids don’t get sick very often or get small things wrong with them but when they do.. They go BIG!!”
And they do!!! I am sure most of you remember Blake’s ripped knee… Chloe’s broken arms… Broken nose..Mia’s issues in March…
Camye was swinging on a rope swing( unapproved) rope swing on our property on Friday after co-op. She was testing it to see if it was safe for Paul and his friend Nathan that had came over. 15-20 feet in the air.. It snapped. She landed on her left side… Bending and snapping her wrist and fracturing her pelvic bone. I am thanking the Good Lord for protecting her from a head, neck or back injury.
She is in Children’s
Hospital since Friday night. She had her wrist set back together on Friday night and it has come apart. She will be having surgery Monday morning to repair that and put a pin in place.
Today she was able to figure out her one crutch and was able o take seven steps. She is having such anxiety. After the seven steps she is asleep and has been for about an hour. It’s amazing how much a traumatic event will take out of you.
Thank you for all the prayers and visits!!! It has really lifted her prayers.

My baby on the stretcher in the ambulance.

SupahNinjas came to Children’s on Saturday to visit. She loved that.

Lots of company has been coming around!:):) she is loving that!

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