Healthy check-ups??

What??? What are healthy check ups??? Why that is what both of my girls had today?!!!

Mia now weighs 26 pounds!!! 26 pounds people!!! This is huge!! She hasn’t had a fever all summer!! She has gained 2 1/2 pounds and a half inch since her sister came home!

So silly!!!

Avah’a dream come true.. The doctor let her play with the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff!
Avah had seen 6-7 specialists and we were seeing Dr. Springer to follow up.
It was funny Dr Springer said that every specialist report that came in… They commented on her happiness, cheeriness, helpfulness, silliness… Something was mentioned and the specialists were charmed. I do call Avah our little cheerleader… I mentioned to my friend Jen, the other day.. If Avah yelled out,”Go team, Gajog.” I wouldnt be surprised. I think it’s just her personality!! Anyway.. Avah not weighs 35 pounds. She had lost down to 32 pounds but is gaining!!:)

So blessed to have these two girls as my daughters!:)

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