The City Of Children- Baja, Mexico

The hubby and Chloe went to the City of Children a few weeks ago. This is an orphanage in Baja, Mexico. I went here for the first time 3 years ago. It is where I made the decision to adopt… It is where Kenny did as well. However, we didn’t tell each other until Thanskgiving. Neither of us wanted to pressure the other ….

Facetiming before they crossed the border. I will admit this makes me the most nervous of the entire trip. We are just not accustomed to seeing camo trucks driving around with Mexicans and large machine guns. But there.. They are all over the street especially on the border.

Of course, my fearless daughter had no fear… And saw the perfect photo opp.;)

Our group from Washington.:):)

Oh yes.. To be young and free!:)

We share a sponsorship with this little boy Jesus. He is soooo adorable!!

I wish we could bring him home!!

Chloe tucking in her friend Kimberly.

Having fun!!!

Chloe and her BFF Kianna have gone 3 years in a row.

Two little girls that Chloe wanted to bring home.

Kenny throwing his arm out of socket during games… Yes it is a common occurrence.

Yoleth in an adorable pillowcase dress made by our church’s sewing class. Yoleth is our little girl our church sponsors.

One project our team does while there is work with Baja Missions. Kenny was in charge of that this year and they built a house!! A very tiny house.

Chloe and Yoleth… So sweet!!

These are a few little girls, Chloe met out in the community while doing benevolence. Camye made the blanket one of the girls is holding. She gave it to them for their little girl. These sweet sweet girls kept rubbing it and thanking them for it. They said they didn’t have blankets.:-/ be still my heart.
This is such a great experience for Chloe and where she has developed a heart for being a missionary. She has big plans in her future of many more mission trips or possibly being a full time missionary. Which scares this mom to no end…. But it is something she feels so strongly about it. I see her being led down this path. It is so incredible to see God work in your child’s life.
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