A Little Q and A…

How are things going?

Overall, things are going awesome. Everyone knows Mia attached immediately and 100%. Avah has pretty much been almost immediately. Avah is super lovable. She wants hugs all the time. She loves for me to rock her. She loves to hold hands as she falls asleep.
When she first came home, anyone and I mean ANYONE could take her, hug her, snuggle her, anyone who would show her attention so we have had to be extra cautious with that to help with attachment. This wanting anyone and being so over friendly is very typical for a child from an orphanage setting. She competed with 8 children all day long for not a mother… But a paid employee…a nice loving employee. It wasn’t a family… But it was a good orphanage. This has been hardest for me…it’s hard for a mother to see your child happy or happier in someone’s else arms.

How is her English coming?

Mia spoke English the first week coming home and hasn’t quit talking since she came home. Avah talks all the time…all.the.time… But she has so much to say… So little time in one day… She doesn’t stop to hear what anyone else was saying or what language… And she speaks in Korean. She has been home 8 weeks and has understood English for about 3 weeks. Sometimes we need to repeat it or say it simpler but she will get it. She now speaks about 60-70%English and the rest in Korean.

How is she eating?

She will eat about anything. She loves all food. But she loves her kimbap. We eat Korean food about 3-4 times a week. And of course…lots of noodles.

Does she have any orphanage behaviors?

Okay I hear a lot of complaints, that my blog is too positive… I don’t ever mention the ugly. So here is about as ugly as I will get. It isn’t always easy. It has been hard to get Avah to understand what a family is. To me that has been the hardest part. As we see her relax and feel more of the family, we are seeing more survival mechanisms that kids use to get ahead in an orphanage setting. However, they don’t work here in our family. I believe she will understand that soon. We have went from zero discipline to having to discipline in a matter of days. So I guess an adoption specialist would say ‘the honeymoon is over.’ I am okay with that. It’s all part of the process…Very normal for a child to not be perfect. And she was near perfect when she came home. Now we are starting to see a normal child emerge…I won’t lie I miss the honeymoon. But this is normal and healthier behavior. We have a few things to work out but other than that.. She is awesome.

How are things medically?

Well so far .. Awesome. Avah had a large list of diagnosis’s. Some very frightening. However in the last 3 weeks we have found out 4 of them are no longer. Praise God!! It makes the rest of the list, still scary but easier to get a handle on without the other diagnosis’s in the shadows. They are gone!! In fact, 3 of them never existed.

How are the other kids adjusting?

Chloe– She is not a fan of the noise. It’s a louder environment. Avah is loud and fun and laughing until her head hits the pillow at night.

Blake– He is loving it! Avah loves him and wants him to hold her. I have heard zero complaints from him.

Camye- she is a little mother. She is having a hard time not wanting to discipline. I keep reminding her she is my daughter too… She doesn’t have to worry about those things. She needs to relax.. Play and let me take care of those things. She is having a blast playing with the girls.

Paul– oh my! Okay.. Paul is enjoying not being a ‘little’. He makes signs for his door.. No Littles Allowed. He is sooooo happy to not be the youngest.

Mia– I have always thought Mia would be the perfect only child. Which is funny because our family is anything but that! But Mia has done so well with letting Avah be the baby for the first few months. Mia goes to daddy so much more than she used too because Mommy has Avah. Avah has been awesome for Mia. Where Mia needed encouragement in some areas.. Avah has given that. Where Mia needed some encouragement … Avah has offered that. They have really balanced each other out. Avah sees the snuggly Mia and it let’s Avah know.. It’s okay to snuggle mommy. That’s that mommas do!

Now for the question we get every single daywill we adopt again?

You betcha!!! How could we not!!?? Seeing Gods blessings in this way.. Is incredible. Seeing God through adoption is not anything I feel I could say no to. He has blessed is so much with these two girls. So if we feel led.. And we are open.. We will adopt again. I have already had the 7 week itch to adopt which is what I had when we accepted Avahs file after Mia coming home.But I need a break not from bringing home another child..that’s the easy part. I cant take that adoption process again. Korea has an easy process.. But I can’t do it right now. Which leads me to believe I need a break.

Will it be Korea again?

I can only pray Korea will allow us to adopt again. China is another option however they are already contacting us and I am not sure we are ready to close the door to Korea yet. We will see what God has planned. Korea has a 6 month wait after your child comes home. It’s a good rule. I should follow that rule. They have done this before and know more than I do. Rules are there for a reason. And it isn’t like we are waiting for a healthy referral…we would only adopt a waiting child.

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