Thank you AMSA Omma’s!!

In Korea, Avah had 3 very loving Omma’s that she left behind in at her orphanage, AMSA. The orphanage sent her home with some gorgeous outfits and a cute new pair of Adidas shoes.

This is one of her dresses. Isn’t it gorgeous? I wasn’t sure how she would react. I am still waiting for the grieving and sadness to come from her. I realize some kids do not and this little girl is happy go lucky and oh so strong…

So I pulled this dress out for her yesterday morning.. She looked at it, at me… Then rattled off what I know had to be a cute little story about how her Omma’s had purchased for her. She grabbed it and says, “SeeEun-y’s, Nay?” meaning is this mine? I said, “Yes from your Omma’s.” she hugged and spun around!!!! Soo sweet!!

I never want to break her bond with those Omma’s. They are part of her life. They were all she knew for her Omma’s for 41 months of her life. They hold a special place in my heart as I know they do hers.

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