Best day yet…

Okay I have been having a little issue with Mia acting out… Not just since Avah came home but for like 6 months. She likes to use not so nice words.. Like dumb.. Stupid or shut up… She is not allowed but has heard them a d wants to use them. I say no.
So it’s a battle… Every day.
I’m hormonal.. My hubby is gone. And yesterday was the most stressful day yet.. Up half the night. I was stressed.
However… Today was a new day.
Yes a new day of playing… Giggling… Sharing… Watching a movie… Holding hands… A really awesome day.

Sooo cute. Holding hands without being prompted.

Strapped their babies on And said they were going shopping.:)

While Kenny has been gone… Chloe and I have been here aNd have had friends over. My friend Tina and I have been sewing and sewing!!

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