This is a fluffy blog entry.
The kind of blog entry I used to do all the time before I felt like I had to solve the orphan crisis.

I am…
Currently Loving…having all my children home and not being in the adoption process.
Currently Reading…Proverbs and Acts
Currently listening too…my husband eat Tortilla chips…
Currently waiting for…God to take my hand and lead me.
Currently dreaming of….a clean house.
Currently excited about…my friends Amanda and Tina who are adopting.
Currently overwhelmed with…my messy house
Currently praying for…Cora….
Currently missing….dates with my hubby.
Currently trying…to get my house cleaned
Currently working at…losing 25 pounds!!!
Currently hoping for…a date!!
Currently enjoying…quiet time.
Currently wearing…striped pajama bottoms and an adoption tshirt
Currently thankful for…great friends..who totally get the adoption world. It is a lonely lonely place to be. I am so thankful for friends who just get it.

Not so fluffy..kind of depressing. Ignorance is bliss….

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