Daddy’s Girls

Today was the first day in a long …long time, we didn’t have a single commitment. Can I say how great that feels??
Today at lunch both little girls had to sit on daddy’s lap to eat. He didn’t mind one bit.

I can’t even describe how good I feel. This is the first time in well over a year… I have been able to relax. I told Kenny all day.. This feels so good. I have no other way to explain it but it just feels right. Like I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

It feels amazing… Life isn’t perfect. But it sure is good.

Avah is doing great. We are still working out nap issues. She is snuggly, cuddly, happy, likes to hold hands, rub my face, wash my hair, help with my laundry, watch Tayo and say her prayers. We are still working on not whining, attaching (obviously)(although her psychologist said she was doing extremely well), speaking English( today is the first day I have really noticed her speaking a lot of English), doing some of the activities I have seen her do on videos( this is the oddest part for me, I am sure she is still calming down and realizing what a home is.. Who her family is… But I have hours of video of her playing blocks and coloring… She will not do either of those now) this leads me to believe we have seen the true Avah SeeEun come out of her shell yet. We have seen performances, laughter, singing.. But I want to see her feel at home. Just let go and be at home. Praying for my sweet girl who has been through so much!:):)
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