~Last day in Seoul~

As much as we love this country….boy am I ready to get back to the USA!!!
We are exhausted. It has been a long 9 days and taking custody of a 4 year old with 5 1/2 days left in your trip is exhausting…espeically when your husband loves the subway and Avah will not walk. But loves to be carried everywhere.
 Miss Personality….:)
 Little Miss Personality….
 Love this man! He is one of the doormen at the guest house. The girls took him a gift everyday and he loved it! Tonight he brought us bap for the girls and they loved it!:) He is such a sweet man.
 Such sweetness….mama..please can I play your iPhone.
 Mia’s foster family came to visit us for an hour on Monday night. That was totally awesome.
 Love this photo….:) She is so gorgeous!!
Ahh….we met friends of ours that are missionaries at a Traditional Village over by the Seoul Tower. We were so wiped out with the girls, we didnt get a picture with them. However, they took a photo which I will post when she posts on Facebook.
Today we took donations and went to pay our guesthouse bill over at post-adoption services at SWS. We asked if their were any intake/newborn pictures. We were very pleased to get 10 photos of each girl…..1 of each we hadn’t seen before.:)
We are ready to get home and get back to life as we know it.
I am very sure that Avah will be adjusting to life very quickly as a Rogers. However, I just want to say this again. This little girl has ZERO concept of what a family is. From living in an orphanage and having 3 Omma’s that took turns, its going to take awhile. She loves attention and hugs and kisses EVERY single person she meets. Until she grasps the definiton of a family, we ask that you turn away and ask her to go to her Omma and Appa for hugs and kisses. We are not allowing any hugs, kisses, picking her up or offering her food from anyone out side of the family. We are a busy busy family and this I pray only takes a short amount of time….but it will take a shorter amount of time if everyone cooperates. Just keep redirecting…distracting and pointing back to her Omma and Appa. Thank you…and please please don’t think I am mean ole grump.:)
But if you love my little girl so much you can’t keep your hands off of her…..I will be more than happy to redirect your efforts to a waiting list of children just waiting for your hugs and kisses and HOME.:):)

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