~Fun day in Seoul~

Traditional village we visited today. Very awesome! We met friends of ours that are missionaries living in Seoul.:)

Click below for the interactive panorama of the picture above!

They took us to an awesome restaurant that served Dangsu? I can’t remember the correct name of it. I will correct later when I remember!:)

Our ‘twins’ has all the Koreans love to refer to our girls as.:) aren’t they sweet?

My friend, Pamela and I!:) so happy we finally met!!:)

Chloe with her awesome lunch.:)

Chloe and store owner.:) people think she is a super star with that blonde hair here.:)

Mia’s foster family came over to visit. We bought one of the cakes to serve to our guests.:)

Some more of the awesome food at this bakery.:)

More convenience food.:)

A $20 watermelon.

4 apples for $11.00.

Chloe outside of SWS.

Cute car:)
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