~Vision of Love Campaign~

There is a church in Korea called the Onnuri church. It has a campaign going for Korean adoption. The pastor there does work extremely close with the Korean ministry and has developed a close relationship with the ministry. Today the pastor, Eddie Byun, announced he had made some suggestions to the Korean ministry about ‘Korean’ adoption. Two out of at least three of the suggestions the ministry plan to put into place…1. being all special needs children would not need an emmigration permit and 2. The age limit would be lifted……Can I say AWESOME????? I mean this is incredible news. Korea had a quota that the emmigration permissions much come out of. It is decreasing in number by 10% every year. :-/ However….the pastor believes that this within a certain amount of time the entire QUOTA system will be removed. PRAISE HIS NAME!!!
WOW!!! What awesomeness!!!!

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