~Pororo Theme Park~

Everyone has asked me to blog details on the girls..how they get along..how they dont…..this trip to the Pororo Theme Park is a perfect example…:)
 First of all..arent they both adorable…I love Korean clothes but for little girls..oh my.
 Notice just Mia would sit up here for a picture….
 Avah was raring to go in line….she wanted to get this show on the road! Isn’t she soo sweet?
 I caught this one without telling..they both adore Pororo and were ecstatic to be here.
 We walked in all together…Avah took off and DOVE….LEAPED…head first into the balls….Mia hung back. She has low muscle tone and likes to tell she can’t. She needs help. Playing in the balls is great for Mia..just a little more work.
 The girls must have been losing their equiliberian in this..they flew ran onto this..at an angle..ran off ..fell down..got up..ran around…flipped off…too funny!! Avah usually came running full speed ahead right off the jumpy into our arms..:):) Paul ….I hope you are ready!! You may have met your match!
 This is how Avah looked most of the time…rolling all over this..she is so much fun!!
 So full of energy….I am sorry she waited for her family so long. She is a perfect for our family.
 Look at her skin…simply gorgeous.
 Very independent. She likes to do everything for herself….without help. She has been letting me baby her. Everytime she falls or bumps into something….Kenny and I have jumping and exclaiming…because well its her turn to be babied.
 This has made us appreciate this little beauty so much. She is a snugglebug, clingy, lovey, affectionate baby girl. She wants to be snuggled all of the time. Sometimes we may be frustrated because we dont have time. But it wont last forever and it is simply sweet.
 Fun!!! Mia needed help or so she said..Avah is too fast….so Chloe followed her with the camera.
 Avah was up and through it 3 times before Mia got to the top!!:):)
 Now this is where I think we have a perfect match….Mia would NEVER have ridden this train by herself. But with her big sister right beside her..she was only a little afraid at first and was laughing at the end. When Mia needs babied….Avah needs babied….when Avah is a big girl..Mia wants to be a big girl…when Mia has to go potty…Avah has to go potty…..when Avah eats..(which is all the time)…Mia wants to eat and Mia never wants to eat. NEVER…so I think they are perfect.:)
 Avah was here but left quickly….so cute.
 Avah had a dream come true..we let her go down with Appa close behind….so she could get a chance to touch a beloved Pororo character and she did…..this reminds me of me at age 12 at a NKOTB concert!! So adorable!!!!

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