~Day 2 Perfection~

My beautiful little SeeEun….:):)
 She is loving being Mia’s older sister and loves that Mia enjoys being the baby.:)
 Mia is super thrilled….and can not understand what is taking so long. Why can we have SeeEun now??? Which is exactly what SeeEun is saying as well.
 Its a must…to have a photo with this little piano.:):)
 More chapstick bonding…this girl loves her chapstick.:)
 Pucker up daddy…
 And for mommy….
We take custody tomorrow morning at noon. Please pray for a smooth transistion. We know this will be a different situation than Mia…but trust God will be our rock through out this transition. HE is awesome!:):)

One thought on “~Day 2 Perfection~

  1. Ibsticky!! Cora was/is OBSESSED with it! Had to carry it around everywhere. Multiple tubes. All of our ibsticky's were stolen and now belong to her. Stock up!!

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