And just like that…

She is gone. My beautiful grandmother passed away this morning around 11:30am.
There is so many memories of my
Mamaw too many to count but here are a few …
-summers with cousins
– days at the creek
– Christmas with Papaw in his red pants
– swallowing an entire melon(for Scott)
-senior pictures on the wall of aunt and uncles
– creek shoes
– clicking of all their cooktop clocks
– playing with my Papaws toys since he was a toy maker
– picking blueberries
– rides to church
– Mamaw coming to get me at school when I was sick
– comparing notes on Christian romance novels
– her beautiful hair
– her beautiful clothes
– her beautiful skin
– her wonderful singing voice
– her love for me and my children
– her sense of humor
– sounds of her furnace
– her love of candy
– swinging on her porch swing
– the smell of her laundry room
– the perfect love between my Mamaw and papaw is a legacy

I have selfish confession. We all used to go to church together… For years. I would love to sit with just so she would rub my back with her fingertips. I would get chills… Now for my crazy confession… I would still get the same feeling when I saw her rubbing my children’s backs. Odd I know.. But it is true. I wish i would have told her.

Oh the smells… Touches… Kisses… Hugs from a grandmother who will never be forgotten.

I love you Mamaw…and will see you again in heaven. I am sorry I wasn’t there. But you would have loved this little firecracker, Avah.

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5 thoughts on “And just like that…

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to you Mamaw. She was an amazing woman, indeed. Her beautiful alto voice was what popped into my head when you mentioned your church memories.

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