Top 10 NoNo’s when packing

… For an international adoption…
1. Never assume that last Target trip is your last or will take any less than 2 hours.
2. Never start packing 6 hours before you leave.
3. Never put Nair on your upper lip while packing… You may forget about it. Not that I have any reason to use Nair on my upper lip … I am guessing this one is not a good idea.;)
4. Never assume your brown most comfy close toed Sperry shoe( needed for office meetings) will be sitting where you left it the day before.
5. Never wake up your 11 year daughter at 3am to help find your shoe… This was pure desperation. But Camye can find anything… Just not at 3am.
6. Never wait to get gas when you need to be at the airport ASAP.
7. Never assume your 3 year old will think its cool to see an awesome brand new pink car seat right beside hers… She wanted her sister now!
8. Never assume your 15 almost 16 year old daughter will be of any use after attending a youth rally the 48 hours before you leave.
9. Never assume your bank will allow you to access any account at 3 am.
10. Never think its funny to blog about yourself at 3:30 in the morning… My husband may kill me for this blog.:)

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