Packing for Korea Part 1

Okay the packing has begun…. Below is some of the donations our Good Samaritan kids have collected to take to Korea. The desitin is for Avah and Mia’s adoption agency. The Chapstick, toothbrushes and band aids are for Avahs orphanage AMSA. It’s not too late to bring in more donations if you are interested in helping.

Since last July, care packages that resemble the packages below have been sent to AMSA. My friend Jen and Grace have sent care packages to their daughters that are now home… And in March I was finally allowed I send Avah her care packages. Since then I have sent a few:):) all this time I keep thinking of all the little children that are not adoptable for insane reasons such as abandonment and their parents didn’t sign the papers to release them for adoption.
We thought it would be great to take 6 care packages and have Avah give them out to her friends at AMSA. It won’t be the same but it will be nice. These care packages were donated from my friends Tracy, Lisa, Lori and Leah.

And to the gifts… Oh my ….. Okay the gift list was supposedly cut down for most people. BUT we aren’t most people. So we needed gifts for Avahs 4 caretakers, Avahs social worker, Mia’s foster mother and father, Mia’s foster sister, A relative of Mia’s foster mother that translates for us all the time, and i pray I need a gift for Avahs foster mother. She was with her for 19 months and I pray we meet her.

More packing coming up soon!!!!- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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