Okay this is huge. I have never heard of an update this big with my AWESOME Korean agency….SWS. 
H*lt is always the monthly updates with children under a year. But wow…I love my SWS social worker!!!! She blew my mind with 12 new videos……
 Adopting a 4 1/2 year old….send a greeting card that plays the Hamster Dance song and watch for the giggles!!!! Super sweet!!! Oh I cant wait to meet her!!!
 These pictures/videos were taken on the 23rd….Hello that was like 10 days ago!!! 
Oh my….this was her Easter package..a little late..but thats okay!!!! Look at her!!
 I cant wait to show her the videos…right after the picture below she starts hopping around like a rabbit!!!:) ADORABLE!!!!
 Look at those eyes…..melts this mothers heart!!!!!!!!
 We quickly noticed that she threw all the clothes to the side..then onto the crayons, markers and Candy…..I had forgotten her daddy-Appa had jam packed it full with tons of candy!!
 Ohhhhhhhhhhhh………..We are coming soon my little Shoonie…which is what her little friends and caretakers call her….

We are hoping to travel next week….I would love to be in Seoul for my birthday the 10th or Mothers Day. What a gift!! Last mothers day I only had 4 children. The Lord has blessed me in so many incredible ways…..but to be a mother of 6 is nothing short of blessing straight from God.

One thought on “I LOVE HER!!!!

  1. Oh Wendi she is amazing! I pray that you get your wish to be in Seoul for your Birthday and get your precious baby! I can't wait to see those pictures!!!

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