Life …

We are slowly recovering from pure craziness with Mia. I am so thankful that spell is over with and she is doing 100% better. Almost better than she has done since she came home.. She seems so secure. Daddy rocks her to sleep and puts her in her bed. Her security is skin, we are pushing this ‘Annyeong Kitty’ that is super soft instead of my arm. We do have a sleep study coming up in the next few weeks to determine if she has sleep apnea.
While we were in the hospital, my great friend from church brought over 2 great meals… It was a huge blessing.

And it was excellent food.. When in doubt what to do to help someone.. Take them a meal. Especially if they have a gazillion kids and Gods keeps saying… Just one more.;)

I am back to myself. I was so stressed over the K*rean adoption process which is moving again.. Praise God!! Everything was suffering… But I am back to cooking, cleaning, scrubbing and baking… It feels so normal. Portfolios for the kids are all organized and almost ready. I am feeling a freezer cooking session coming right up! The kids are up on all their reading.. I found a fantastic math curriculum.

But then my friend Danielle… Had reminded me that we had tickets to see Jordan Knight in Pittsburgh. I almost cancelled so many times that week. But I hadn’t seen her in awhile… These concerts are always such a blast. So I went… I did struggle at first. Well… Let me back up.. First I had to figure out something to wear. It was between my Kohls 6.99 tees or my adoption fundraising tshirts I have been buying from everyone. So I went shopping and found something concert worthy. While I was at the concert I was checking adoption forums and emails and private messages on Facebook… The entire time…. I felt guilty while Avah waited in an orphanage for mom and dad to hurry and come. I couldn’t stop thinking about my friend Amanda’s little boy.. If he was hungry. My thoughts went on and on. And finally.. I thought to myself.. If I am going to be any shape at all when Avah does come home… I need to relax and pull myself together. So I finally loosened up and the song You’ve got the Right stuff.. May have helped.;)

It was a lot of fun!!!

Back to reality… Adoption stalking!!!;)

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