~South Korea has arrived~

Mia Grace is soooo precious!! Our older kids have participated in our Homeschool International Fair for 5 years now. This year we did South Korea, not a big surprise.;)
Mia was so adorable in her Hanbok and new Hanbok Avah Bow.
She was showing off and bowing for everyone.

Lots of kids and parents show up and enjoy food and info from other countries.
We had a 2 tables this year because we had such an elaborate spread…:)

Mia and Mommy

WOW I love these 2 littles…so precious!! They are waiting to go on stage!

Paul loves being a big brother and helping little Mia onto stage!!

Camye is out of town on a cruise with Grandma, Grandpa and her cousin, Alycia. She missed the fair but did lots of work on it before she left.
Here are the 4 that were here!
I am thinking next year we may do North Korea.

Mia and her friend Paulina. Paulina is a beautiful…I mean beautiful little girl that was born in Guatamala. She adores little Mia and Mia loves Paulina. 
Me, Stacey and Heather…we have taken this picture for about 5 years. Wow have we changed..and wow how many more kids have we added in the meantime!! Stacey is pregnant for #6 here . She is dues in a few weeks.:) Between the 3 of us we have 16 kids….crazy!!:) But we love it!:)

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