~Presenting Avah Noelle SeeEun~

WOW!! Where do I even start? 
I guess at the very beginning…
Before Kenny and I traveled to Korea to get Mia Grace, we knew we wanted to adopt again and from Korea. We felt this strong urge that our child was waiting for us at AMSA. We tried to go take donations to go there, but I got the call the day we were leaving Seoul that we were able to come. In fact, we were at the airport to head home. I just felt if I could see the children there I would have known who she was. But we didn’t get to go, that’s okay. God had another plan! I had shared my thoughts of adopting again as soon as possible with our social worker at our agency. She had told me she was sorry but we had to wait 6 months to even start reviewing files, that was July 8th. On July 13th, I received a call from our agency and my heart almost stopped  because I thought it was a sibling call. I told my Social worker, just tell me right now if this is a sibling call. She said well not quite, but almost. So I listened, as she said she had a little girl that would fit nicely into our family and if I would review her file. Well of course we will!:) So on July 21st, we verbally accepted SeeEun Moon which we will change her name to Avah Noelle SeeEun.
I couldn’t be more happy with this little doll baby!! She just turned 4 years old on December 26th. She will fit perfectly between Paul and Mia. She attends preschool 4 days a week. She is quiet and shy. She has lived at AMSA since she was 19 months old.  She loves to color (I have over an hour of her coloring and not once does she look up to the camera!) and play baby dolls(which we may share that infamous video soon).
We do not know when she will be coming soon, since obviously I have already been waiting 6 months and 4 days but who’s counting. We will have to see, but I am hopeful she will be home this summer. 

She is in a wonderful orphanage. Many children have been adopted from here and come home and do fabulously well. She is a little thing. Her hair is all tied up, it seems to be the AMSA do. Probably easier to take care of, it stays out of their face and isnt messy. Because she is always dressed so adorably cute!!
Now you know I couldn’t leave my God story out here…Okay..where to start?? Oh yes at the beginning….so when I put on an adoption forum that I was reviewing Mia’s file(I know ..out of order…just follow me), I had several people email me. My special friend, Grace, emailed me right away and told me she had been praying for Mia because they had reviewed her file when she was 10 months old but made a hard descicion not to pursue in adopting her. I didn’t realize how hard it was until I asked her if she wanted to see Mia’s current video, and she told me she couldn’t watch it. That really affected me, more than she knows as I have never voiced it. To know that she had been prayed for and cared about by someone I had just met, just meant so much to me..more than I can describe. So Grace and I have chatted back and forth through out Mia’s process and became good friends.  In July she decided to adopt a little girl from AMSA as well. Sarah Mercy will be coming home hopefully in the next 6 weeks. 
Which leads me to another dear friend, whose daughter is pictured below with Avah. This is Cora SeungJoo, she lives at AMSA as well. Grace and Jen will be traveling SOON to get Sarah and Cora, they will be traveling together, which I think is so incredibly awesome!!! In Avah’s referral video, Cora pops in for some legos and giggles.  Cora’s mom, Jen and I have became great friends during this long wait for our girls. It is so nice to have someone to talk to in this horrible wait. We do know Cora and Avah attend preschool together.  
These three little girls are living at AMSA in Seoul, Korea right now. Cora and Sarah are roommates with 6 other children and Avah is in another room with 7 other children and a caretaker. There are only about 50 children living here. It is a very special place.

Cora, Sarah and Avah are going have a lot of memories of living at AMSA. We plan on keeping the girls in contact with each other and raising them like cousins. We think it is so important to keep in contact with Korea, friends and anything that reminds them of their childhood. I feel so blessed to know Grace and Jen and that they have included Avah in with Cora and Sarah. I know the 3 girls will grow up continuing to be great friends. We already have out first meeting planned here in the US for the girl!! Details to come…
I am going to just put it out there as to what Avah’s special need is. Avah was born with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. She has other issues that are related to NF 1. When I opened Avah’s medical file, I closed it quickly and looked at Kenny with fear and apprehension. I said, Oh Kenny…He said..put the DVD in…we will know. And guess what we knew…we knew right away this special little girl is ours. Her future may be unknown but guess what we do know, she has a family.

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