My Pinkalicious Princess

So I had a pretty rough week dealing with finalizing paperwork for Mias adoption, lost glasses, ordering new glasses, glass in my foot, cut my toe and it seemed my list could go on and on.

I went to Walmart today to order Mia’s new glasses and she found these two Pinkalicious dolls, that Mia just loved. So of course I had to get them for her. I know Christmas is coming but she was so adorable snuggling these babies.

Below she asked me to hurry and take her ‘ Pinkalicious’ babies pictures because they were crying. And yes this little chatter box…calls them her Pinkalicious babies. They talk to each other and call each other Pinkalicious.

And now with her babies..almost asleep. I couldn’t resist the did wake her back up. But it is to adorable to pass up!!

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