Blessings from Seoul, Korea

I can’t even express how thankful I am for Mia having the most wonderful and loving foster parents. You may wonder how I know this since we don’t speak the same language or Mia was able to tell me. I know this because Mia is so loving, kind, compassionate, peaceful, affectionate, friendly, social…the list goes on and on. You don’t become this sort of person without receiving this love. I saw the love in her foster parents eyes when I met them. When I gave her foster mom the ring that says Heimee. I knew , she had been loved dearly. I received this publication from my agency CHSFS, in it is an article written by Mias beloved foster mom and pictures.

This article tells me love …she couldn’t explain to me. It answers so many questions…

And her foster mom was so wonderful to me ..that after looking closely at the picture.

I realize I have the bow…she gave me the bow that Mia was wearing in this picture. After I read the article…i sobbed and I sobbed.

Then I let Mia see the pictures and article…let me say. She loved it. She kissed it, hugged it, jumped, played, ran, fell…she was so happy to see her and her foster mom together.

As you can see I can’t get this child to hold still for a second!!!

I love you Omma!!!

I miss you Omma!!!

We’ll see you next year!!!

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