God Wink Quotes

“A God Wink is also a message of reassurance coming when you most need it when you’re at a crossroads in your life, and when instability is all around. It might be said, in fact, that coincidence are the best way for God to establish a perpetual presence in life.”

“The highway to what you believe to be your destiny may occasionally seem dark and lonely. But you are never alone. Get going, and start looking for the confirming signs that you are on the right path. You’ll soon see the God Winks – the coincidences and answered prayers—reaffirming that your life is being directed by a super global positioning system.”

“And you can influence your future through prayer, visualization, and wishes. When you add your own potential and unique gifts to the mix, you will begin to see signs of encouragement – winks from above.”

“When you wish for something, you also need to take action yourself – to place yourself in the direction that you wish to go, the direction that you believe to be in alignment with your destiny.”

God is so awesome! Words can’t describe what I am feeling or experiencing right now…but hang tight..blog with more details coming soon!!!

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