So much little time to blog…

Yes there are so many more photos of Mia. But she is the new baby… So bare with me.;)

Mia is now sleeping in a toddler bed beside my bed. We hold hands until she falls asleep, but she is doing so well for only being home 3 months.
We had a rough few weeks and found out she had some abcesses in her teeth. I asked them to please move up her surgery and they can’t because she is taking up 3 slots for surgery since her teeth are so bad.:( soo..she has been on antibiotic and is feeling better.

Paul and Blake…. I enjoyed spending time with the boys while Chloe and Kenny were in Mexico and Camye was away at camp. They are such blessings!!

We have been to Chuck E Cheese a few times since Mia coming home. Mia loves Chucke and follows him around looking for a hug. She loves riding all the kiddie rides!

Mia snuggling with her little Pororo toy. She still loves her Pororo.

Mia and Mommy!! Mia being silly!!

About 2 weeks, Mia had an appointment with the Genetics dept at Children’s Hospital. She had to have blood work and it was! She.screamed.and.screamed.

The blessing of going to the Genetists, other than he confirmed what we have believed from the!;)

But we met an awesome Korean family, the Kim’s. Mrs.Kim teaches Korean in Pittsburgh and wants us to come to Korean school! I am so excited to do this and hope to do this Fall.:)

Mia….I mean Blake got a Go-Kart…. And guess who loves to be pushed around all the time!:):)

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