Homeschool Sock Hop

The high school girls decided they want to have a Sock Hop, since I taught their bible class, I agreed to plan this. It was so much fun! We had a band and a DJ. We had so much fun planning! My friend Allison and I just spend probably 3-4 hours shopping and decorating and everything turned out fabulous! Check her blog..she has a new camera and is a MUCH better photographer than me so she will have awesome pictures!!! Our drink station.:)

Another view…notice my motorcycle all time favorite 50’s song Leader of the Pack inspired me to get this balloon!

The entire group:)

I prefer the silly shots..:)

Chloe and her best friend Katie…her Mom(my avid blog stalker) was a HUGE help to me this entire year with the girls class and the Sock Hop.

Jared and Katie:)

Chloe being carried out on part of the band’s stage!!! :):)

Thanks to all my great friends for such great help!! I couldnt have done this without you!:)

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