Large Family Logistics

I have been reading this awesome book ‘Large Family Logistics’. I also found their BLOG. It has given me some new ideas on keeping my house.

I love to read about being a Keeper of the Home. This is all I have ever wanted to do. I wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom and I have wanted to homeschool my kids since I was in the 6th grade.

Anyway..this fabulous book was written by a fabulous woman who has 9 children! My dream has to have ONLY 8 children. But she has some awesome plans for running her house. Some my mom or my mother in law have mentioned to me before, but until you read them all collected into one cool book….its just not the same!! 🙂

This lady says to have at least one day for everything….Paperwork Day, Laundry Day, Bathrooms Day, Dusting Day….doesnt mean you wont ever do those chores on other days..but at least in the hustle and bustle of every day life….you know all those things are getting done at least once a week.

Sooo….last week I did this…

Monday- Laundry Day

Tuesday- Dusting Day-

Wednesday- Bathroom Day

Thursday- Kitchen Day

Friday- Paperwork Day

I love this little worked so great. It works for our busy life….

And be still my beating heart….I just discovered they have another website for Large Family Slow Cooking…Check it out! ( dont you love it when I use Linkies)

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