Menu Planning Monday

e the Okay so we are home!!! I do have the kids and myself unpacked, my co-op bag/pile cleaned up(couldnt take it anymore), the spice cabinet cleaned out (have know idea why I tackled this one this morning and the front of my fridge shining( idea why I tackled this either today). I have not touched the christmas presents that need to be unpacked and I cant find my camera (no pics yet), my keys ( Kenny drove the entire time) or my 2010 calander!!!

BUT I do have my menu planned for the next week…:)

Monday- Roast, Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, Salad and Corn and Homemade Rolls
Tuesday- Chicken Penne Pasta and Salad
Wednesday- Veggie Soup
Thursday-Chicken Phyllo Roll and Salad
Friday- Homemade Pizza and Salad
Saturday- Potato Soup

I may blog my recipes for my Veggie soup and Potatoe Soup..because they are delicious!!

Anyway..more blogs to follow…just have to get organized..even my spices.:)

Happy New Year!!

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