Black Friday Shopping!!!

One of my blogstalkers ( which I love)…just emailed me asked me to blog about my fabullous deals!!! And how great the experience was!! Okay those were my words..but I will go into great detail about my adventure.

Okay I went with two of my great friends!!!

Thursday night at 10 pm..line at Toys R Us..probably 150th in line. I waited for 2 hours! But I got everything on my list…polly pocket cruise ship, Ripstick, Light sabers, Moon Sand, Webkinz..the list goes on and on. While I was standing in line, they passed out tickets to get the “elite” items (Xbox, PS3 and….Zhu Zhu’s!!!!!) Yes I got 5 zhu zhu’s!! (4 of my great friends were in line and got one for me…one per person) Which is a good thing..keep reading.

Okay…left TRU3am …headed to the outlets for about a half hour and then to the dreaded Walmart. I dont usually like Walmart on any given day, so Black Friday is not my favorite day to go to Walmart. But we a few deals..check out at jewerly and was out of there in an hour.

Headed home to nap till 10am….check hamsters..fed and water.

Back out to Kohls…got several great deals there!!!! Saved even more!

Onto TGIFridays for a late lunch…

Then to Target around 4pm..

Outlets again at 6pm…

Deals to be had everywhere!!!

Cabelas at 9:30….back to New Martinsville at 11pm…i left my van at McDonalds….but my van was no where to be seen!! Turns out it was towed….parked 3 spaces over from the dumpster. Still too close…Kenny came to pick me day at 3pm I got my van back for the bargain price of $100!!! Long story short…the tow guys says McD’s was wrong…police agree…possible civil case. What a pain!!!

Headed home the next day around find Chloe and Camye’s hamster had passed onto Hamster Heaven. Yes I know there is no such place..but if you would see the hysterics that break out in this house!!! You would agree that maybe there is a Hamster Heaven. So therefore, the Zhu Zhu hamster will be loved on Christmas morning!!!!

So before Black Friday, I hadnt even started shopping for Christmas. And now I am now finished with Blake, Camye, Paul, my nephew Austin, my niece Lucille, and my niece Alycia. That leaves Chloe, Kenny and my niece Elizabeth!!!!!

There you goo…..:)

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