My new plan…

Okay so I am always looking for new ways to organize and manage my time. With 4 kids that we ACTIVELY homeschool…LOL!!! I have a new plan and right now I love it. We will see if it works for us. At this point in our life, we are very very busy people. I have agreed to cut out 2 things out of our schedules for the fall, so far MOPS and one soccer team (since we have played on two in the past). I am also trying to get my cooking under control. Although it seems other things are quickly trying to sneak their way in…but I am trying ..

I bought this new book called 30 day gourmet. So one of my new plans is Freezer Cooking/Once a Month Cooking. When I heard this from my friend, (who is homeschooling) and she loves doing it. So I did it!! I have 24 meals…awesome cooked from scratch meals in my freezer. This is my first day of no cooking..and I cant believe how relieved I feel that I do not have to FIX supper…just stick it in the oven.

SO here is what is in my freezer right now….

2 meatloafs, 2 potatoe hash brown bakes, 2 spaghetti with meat sauce, 10 chicken phyllo rolls, 2 batches of homemade chicken noodles soup with homemade noodles, 2 cheddar broccolli soups, 2 lasagna, 2 cheesey shells, 2 white and green lasagna, 45 blueberry muffins, 175 peanut butter cookie dough balls, 2 taco meats, 2 chicken rosettos, and 2 chicken fried rice.

8 thoughts on “My new plan…

  1. The food is awesome!!! I did block an entire day to do the cooking and a few hours here and there. I just cant believe how easy and fun!! How much it simplifies my life!!!!

  2. I did this with a friend. TOgether we had 7 that distracted alot of the time. We had agreed to make 4 different recipes and make 4 dishes of each and swap 8 of my meals for 8 of her meals. If that makes sense.!!!

  3. Oh great… now I am going to have to look into this! I have always wanted to try it… do you have a picture of your garden?? I am 'dabbling' a little this year and hope to plant a bigger one next year. So far, I have one tomato plant in a container (have about 23 tomatoes in various stages right now) and also have a pot of oregano and a pot of basil.

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