Thanksgving Thursday!!!

Here I go again….
1. I am thankful for the book of Hebrews…it is very encouraging.
2. I am thankful for my wonderful hubby who built our MASSIVE puppet theatre last night.
3. I am thankful for this week being over….I have been overly emotional and hormonal, but I am feeling alot better today!!! Its a new day!!
4. I am thankful for our 2 new hamsters. I will blog that one later!!! 
5. I am thankful for walking. Kenny and I have been taking time out of our busy schedules to walk together in the evenings. I am not sure why we havent sooner. Kenny has been asking me for weeks now.:)
6. I am thankful for today being the last day of school!!!
7. I am thankful for our first Advanced Puppet Theatre performance last night!!!
8. I am thankful for Chloe who is quite the baker and bakes me cookies or whatever I need when I need it for a potluck or picnic.
9. I am thankful for Dollar Tree, which has some great Bible Bulletin Board materials, VBS prizes, bible stickers and bible crafts for guessed it $1!!!
10. I am thankful for spring..the color of green outside….is a color you only see in the Spring…it is breathtaking!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

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