Socializing…Veggie Tales Abe and the Amazing Promise

I thought I would blog this because I thought it was a great compliment.

I was at a Tastefully Simple party on Saturday afternoon at a friends from church. It was a lot of fun and great food!! Several at us from church were there “pressuring” her to come to our Veggie Tales movie night at church. She was tired and run down and wanted to stay home. We were joking around telling her to come anyway. Another lady was there and said all are doing something again. We didnt know this lady (it was a friends of the hosts from MOPS)!! We just looked at her and she says Your church is the most socializing church I have ever heard of!! I thought that was such a great compliment!!
SO here are a few pics from our Veggie Tale Abe and The Amazing Promise. Yes our pics may look a little posed..but we need pics for our kids Lads to Leaders Scrapbooks and forgot to take them.!! Paul was busy with his friends…making mostly a mess.LOL!

One thought on “Socializing…Veggie Tales Abe and the Amazing Promise

  1. That is a great compliment! So many people don’t have that in their lives – sad. It is nice to be reminded how lucky and blessed we are to have a church family.

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