Womens Retreat 2009

I just returned from a FABULOUS Womens Retreat this weekend. The group of women I went with have to be some of the funniest people I know. We did not get to sleep till 3am and that could encouraged our silliness. The topic was “Daughters of the King”.
We stopped in Amish Country on our way there…bought all sorts or antiques and crafty things. This is my friends daughter, Chloe and she was pretending to be Amish for a second.

5 thoughts on “Womens Retreat 2009

  1. Oh I havent tried that one. Is Dutch Pantry in Sugar Creek? We usually go further off the beaten path to Walnut Creek and Berlin. I will have to check into that restaurant. We usually eat at Der Dutchman or Dutch Valley.

  2. Yes, it’s in Sugar Creek, OH. I believe Mamaw and Papaw used to go there and meet their friends. I think I’ve eaten with them before there too… SOOOOO good!!

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