Lovin the Holidays

Well I can not wait for Christmas..it is my favorite time of the year. I went shopping on Black Friday with 2 great friends from my MOPS group. It was alot of fun…I finished up my Christmas shopping all but a few small things…and to make sure I have everything even with 4 kids….cant have tears on Christmas morning because someone had more presents anyway.

I do have to get my presents wrapped and mailed to Japan or they will be late!! Also at my mamaws (where we go on Christmas afternoon), we have a gift exchange and I do have one more present to get from that.

I was trying to get something EXTRA great for my hubby but sometimes you have to get things they need…maybe if someone has an idea ..that will work. I did make him a coupon book with some cute stuff in that for his stocking. Oh wait..he will probably read this…

Anyways..this time of year is soo busy and festive. Chloe has ice skating with the teens at our church on Saturday, Kenny and I have parents night out..on the 13th..I think, game night at our church on the 12th…Lifegroup Christmas party on the 21st…4H pizza and bowling party on the 22nd…

What I am most thankful for today….my wonderful husband who knows when to call at the right time to referee a small argument between Chloe and I and then he always has the right words to say to mend everything and straighten the day out. Sometimes girls are just toooo emotional..and yes I mean myself when I say that…

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